We move your car for you

Cafler is the first online platform that completes your DMV inspection for you


How does Cafler works

Delegated movility, our Concept. We fulfill every need your vehicle has. Find out how does Cafler works.

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In less that two hours we will deliver your vehicle in the specified address.



Completing your technical inspection, switching your tires or inspecting your car. Our driver will do it for you. And keep an eye on your request thanks to our real-time tracking system.



Once your appointment has been reserved, one of our drivers will collect your vehicle on the selected location and time.



Input your address, a day and time and the type of service. Enjoy a integrated system reserving all your services from the same place. Without a need of use another platform.

Technical Inspection

We will handle the hussle of completing your technical inspection.


We offer every mechanical service that your vehicle requires with a pickup and return in the desired address.


We are working to be able to offer you every type of services related with your vehicle's mobility.

Discover the services that Cafler offers you

Cafler helps you to fulfill your technical inspection and we will be adding new services soon related to your vehicle and its maintenance.

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Why Cafler?

Save time

No more boring paperwork. We will handle the entire process for you.

Everything integrated

A single platform where you will be able to request different services for your vehicle. Changing your tires of fulfilling the DNV technical inspection, you name it.

Always on your side

Forget about the last time problems. We deliver a first-class service.

Driver and Trust: synonyms

Our team of drivers is the key in order to present a high-quality service. It is why we trust on our highly qualified drivers with professional certifications.

Discover why our drivers are leading this revolution

What they say about us

Do not entertain any doubt

If you have more questions or wish to know more, you can go to our FAQ's or contact us via e-mail. We will solve all your questions as soon as possible!


What are the minimum requirements to order a service in Cafler?

The car must have insurance and the fuel tank cannot be in the reserve zone.

How does Cafler offers services in a safe manner?

All our drivers are insured in the case of a eventuality.